3 Easy steps to Recycling

Step 1 – Stick it.

Download your “I AM FREE” and stick it on your wheelie bin. Share this sticker with your whole neighborhood. This will show your I AM FREE heroes in the neighborhood that you recycle.


Step 2 – Bag it.

Place all your recyclable items all together in a clear plastic bag or even old shopping bags – NOT black bags.

Please rinse dirty bottle/cans/glass items. By getting a second bin in your kitchen to use as the recycling bin, recycling is made easy for everyone in your home. All recyclables go into the one bin while all other wet waste (such as potato peels) go into the other black bag bin.

Recyclable items include:

Paper and Board

Paper & Envelopes
Cardboard boxes
Magazines / Newspapers
Telephone Books
Milk and juice cartons
Paper gift wrap


Bottles & drums
Foam packaging
Tubs & jars


Beverage cans
Food cans
Aerosol cans
Paint cans
Oil cans


Wine bottles
Beer bottles
Food jars
Cooldrink bottles
Milk/Juice bottles

Step 3 – Place it.

Place the clear bags on top of your black bags and place your wheelie bin on your normal weekly collection day.

Put your wheelie bin out early on your weekly collection day so that your hero has enough time to come and collect your recyclable waste and sell it to earn a living. The municipality will collect the remaining black bags in your bin.

We don't want your money, honey - we want your love.

There are no corporates, sponsorships or churches involved in this project.

Every citizen that gets involved does so out of a Kingdom approach and because they are free.

John 8:36: ”For he who the Son sets free, is free indeed”.

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